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Church and State Interviews

  • Father Richard John Neuhaus,
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief, First Things Journal
    1. Democracy, Religion, and Public Life video camera
  • Hon. Gary Johnson, Governor of New Mexico*
    2. Drug Decriminalization and Religion video camera
    3. School Vouchers
  • Dr. William Galston, Senior Policy Advisor to President Clinton and 2004 Gore Campaign
    4. Legislation and Religion in the Democratic Party video camera
  • Tristram Engelhardt, MD, PhD, Professor of Bioethics, Rice University, Author of Christian Bioethics
    5. Bioethics and Public Policy video camera
  • Hon. Walter Bradley, Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico*
    6. Religious Expression in Government
  • David Iglesias, US District Attorney for New Mexico
    7. Investigating Religious Groups and The Patriot Act
    8. Religious Liberty and Government Intrusion: Panel
    video camera
  • Peter Simonson, Executive Director ACLU, New Mexico
    9. Religious Expression and Public Schools
  • Dr. Sámi Shakir, PhD, Physicist and Former President of
    The Islamic Center
    10. Religious Liberty and Government Intrusion: Panel
  • Gloria Nieto, Vice-Chair of The Gay and Lesbian Caucus,
    Democratic National Committee *
    11. Same Sex Marriage: Panel
  • Patrick Killen, President, Log Cabin Republicans of New Mexico
    12. Same Sex Marriage: Panel video camera
  • Bishop Michael Sheridan, Roman Catholic Bishop of
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    13. Roman Catholic Voting Behavior Episode 1 video camera
    14. Roman Catholic Voting Behavior Episode 2
    15. Roman Catholic Voting Behavior Episode 3

  • Richard Barlow, FBI Intelligence Consultant on WMDs* and Former CIA Intelligence Officer
    16. Islam and US Military Policy
    17. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Religious Fundamentalism

  • Ian Benson, Constitutional Lawyer & Executive Director of the Center for Cultural Renewal
    18. Religious and Political Mediation
    19. Prayer in School and Public Displays of Religion video camera
    20. Same Sex Marriage: Panel

  • Sandra Wechsler, Gay and Lesbian Activist, The Rape Crisis Center
    21. Tolerance Curriculums and Homosexuality
    in Public Schools
  • Walter Declerck, Islamic Scholar
    22. Islam and US Foreign Policy
  • Bishop Terence Kelshaw, Episcopal Bishop of New Mexico*
    23. Faith Based Funding
    24. Church-State Relations
  • Marvin Schwab, Jewish Rabbi, Temple Beth Shalom
    25. Reproductive Rights and Abortion
  • Bishop Roger White, Episcopal Bishop of Milwaukee*
    26. Religion and Politics

  • Rabbi Beryl Levertov, Jewish Hasidic Rabbi, Director Chabad Center
    27. US Policy and the State of Israel
  • Lieutenant-General Edward Baca, US Army, Retired. And Gubernatorial Candidate
    28. Religious Expression in the Military
  • Raymond S. “Jerry” Apodaca, Former Governor of New Mexico
    29. School Vouchers

  • Paul Becht, Attorney, Alliance Legal Defense Fund and
    Focus on the Family

    30. Same Sex Marriage: Panel video camera
  • Bishop David Njovu, Anglican Bishop of Lusaka, Zambia
    31. Christianity and Islam in Africa
  • Paul Reed, PhD, Sociologist and Senior Social Analyst,
    Statistics Canada

    32. Religious Influence on the Common Good
  • Father Robert Dinegar, PhD, Chemical Physicist and Episcopal Priest, Former Atomic Weapons Designer, Los Alamos Laboratory.
    33.Christianity and US Nuclear Arms Policy
    34. Just War Theory
  • Lucian Niemeyer, International Photo Journalist and Author
    35. Religious and Civil War in Sudan
    36. Government Suppression and Religion in Africa
    37. Religious NGOs and World Hunger: Panel
  • Kathleen Christianson, Former CIA Intelligence Officer and Author
    38. Israel, Palestine and US Foreign Policy
  • Tashi Woshen, Tibetan Buddhist Teacher and
    International Peace Activist
    39. Chinese Suppression of Religion and Politics in Tibet
    40. Buddhism in America
  • Rabbi Ben Morrow, Congregation Beit Tikva
    41. Public School Vouchers
  • Kevin Jackson, Conservative Social Activist, Focus on the Family
    42. Drug Decriminalization and School Vouchers
  • Margaret Brommelsiek, PhD, Director, State Museum of New Mexico
    43. Religious Censorship of Art
    Legal Challenges to Artistic Freedom
  • Reverend Richard Avery, Presbyterian Minister and
    Death Penalty Activist
    45. The Death Penalty
  • Edson Way, PhD, State Director of Cultural Affairs, New Mexico
    46. Censorship and the Arts
  • Richard Lieberman, MD, Surgeon and Member Chabad Center
    47. Circumcision and Parental Rights vs. Children’s Rights
  • Rev. Anthony Trujillo, Roman Catholic Clergyman
    48. Religion and Censorship of the Fine Arts
  • Rev. Richard Murphy, Episcopal Priest and International Peace Activist
    49. Religion and International Peace Initiatives
  • John Robb, Esq., Executive World Vision International and Member Christian Legal Society
    50. Religious Freedom and Suppression in the Third World
    51. War on Poverty
  • Max McCoun, Former Prison Inmate
    52. Drugs, Religion, and Decriminalization
  • Tom Wright, Executive Director, Global Outreach
    53. Christian Relief Organizations and US Policy
    in Central America
    54. Communism and Liberation Theology in Latin America
  • Michelle Parker, Conservative Social Activist and Political Candidate*
    55. Tolerance Curriculums and Homosexuality in Public Schools
    56. Parental Rights and Public Education
  • Betty Sperlich, RN, Co-Founder of Nurses for the Rights of the Child
    57. Circumcision and Parental Rights vs. Children’s Rights
  • Natalie Hudson, Executive, Right to Life Canada
    58. Abortion and Reproductive Rights video camera
  • Rev. Michael Adee, PhD, Gay Religious and Social Activist,
    More Light Presbyterians

    59. Gay Marriage
  • Ron Polinder, PhD, Educational Activist and Head Master
    60. Charter Schools and Religious Education
  • Pam Roy, Agricultural and World Hunger Expert
    61. NGOs and the Struggle Against World Hunger: Panel
  • Mr. Mark Johnson, Executive Director Santa Maria El Mirador
    62. Capital Punishment and the Mentally Handicapped
  • Mary E. Capeck, Philanthropic Consultant and Member
    The Coalition of Equality
    63. Diversity as it Effects Religion, Law, and Public Policy
  • Rebecca Bustamonte, Santa Fe County Clerk
    64. Gay Marriage
  • David Witt, Regional Director Voice of the Martyrs
    65. Freedom of Religious Expression World Wide
  • Linda Siegle, Director Coalition of Equality in New Mexico
    66. Gay Marriage and Constitutional Amendment
  • Sandy and Laura Clark: Unitarian Forum on Religion and Government
    67. Conspiracy and Cover up in the Bush Administration
  • Mirada Blanco, Sister of Murder Victim
    68. The Death Penalty
  • Douglas Fraser, Social Activist
    69. Religious Freedom of Expression
  • George Lowery, Director Open Door Mission
    70. Drug Decriminalization

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