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Church and State with Logan Craft is a weekly thirty-minute interview program airing on cable access in several states. The program focuses on controversial political issues with a distinctively religious reference. By focusing on questions that are currently in public debate, the program seeks to unearth both religious and non-religious assumptions.

In short, the type of issues presented on Church and State have, at their heart, moral and ethical concerns that are directly connected to peoples’ religion, worldview, or philosophy of life. Given the fact that the Law inevitably comes to bear on a number of unsettled issues, the producers feel that it is both important and helpful to bring deeply rooted moral and ethical viewpoints into a public forum. Church and State seeks to be one such forum.

Thus, on a wide variety of topics, the program explores ethical and moral positions arising out of classical religious worldviews, as well as positions arising out of well recognized non-religious world views. The producers believe that the presentation of both religious and non-religious viewpoints is essential for a healthy understanding of many important controversies presently confronting the American public.

National issues such as censorship, homosexuality, and stem cell research typically target a specific state or local controversy. International issues such as religious persecution, war, and peace initiatives involving foreign states are also explored. On other topics, the program focuses on the cooperation, or conflict, existing between foreign states and particular religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, or Judaism.

At its core, Church and State agrees with world renowned religious professor and writer Huston Smith that “religion does matter,” and notwithstanding non-religious ideologies that permeate Western society and most governments across the globe, it appears that religion may matter even more in the 21st century. Thus, the producers’ intention is to educate and stimulate the public about a wide variety of absorbing and troublesome political issues that affect, and conversely, are affected by religion.


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